Before We First Met

A few weeks before I met the amazing girl who is now my lover, spouse, pet, most treasured possession, and best friend I made this (admittedly idealized) picture of us together.

Before We First Met

Before We First Met

It’s been secreted away on my FetLife profile since then. During a chance encounter with a fellow writer the matter of crafting or prognosticating one’s future through art came up.

This was my one example. I decided to post it publicly so she could see what I was rambling about. Now you can too. Voila.

How to Count Cards in Blackjack: The Easiest Method

Card counting has an undeserved reputation as a complex task that requires some sort of mathematical genius. Actually, as the term counting implies, the most complicated math operations involved are addition and subtraction of 1. The more important skills—and the more difficult to master in actual casino conditions—are observation and memory. But in general if you can count then you can count cards. This is how it works. Most of the time the deck neither favors you nor the dealer by much. Solid blackjack strategies are based on the probabilities of the entire deck. The secret of card counting is recognizing when the deck happens to strongly favor you and disfavor the dealer. Such moments are an excellent time to  increase your bet. To do this you do not have to know every card remaining in the shoe. Just keep track of two of the most important cards in the game: … Read on

A Very Quick Guide to DNS Management in The Cloud

Cloud computing means access on demand to computer resources via the Internet. The resources available encompass all kinds of computing: from services and programs, to storage, servers, and entire networks.  The essence of cloud computing is easy—nearly instant—access to  computer resources that once upon a time would have required you to setup a data center and hire a staff of technicians. In the era of the cloud computing resources are like a utility. You pay only for what you use and use as much or little as you need whenever you need it. Consider that when you need electricity you simply plug in an appliance and turn it on. When you need to ship a parcel you hand it off to the post office or a messenger service.  There is little need to think about the large and intricate systems these providers have built. You tell them what you want, … Read on