101 Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines for Email Marketing Promotions

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Email marketing to your opt-in list is one of the most effective – not to mention affordable – types of marketing there is. Assuming you’ve built a solid list of people who are interested in the type of information or services you provide, the next critical ingredient is getting your audience to actually read your emails. However, that’s getting more and more difficult to do. Statistics vary. But for sake of argument, a study by the Radicati Group from May 2009 estimated the number of emails sent in the world each day to be around 247 billion. Yes, BILLION. Which means more than 2.8 million emails are sent every second. Of those, around 80% of these messages are considered spam. Still, that leaves most professionals in the U.S. receiving over 100 legitimate emails a day. So with everyone’s email boxes overflowing, how do you get your email marketing promotions to … Read on

Free Excel File for a Mental Math Workout


Here is a simple program written in Excel that can help you or your kids practice adding and multiplying numbers in your head. This tool was largely inspired by Arthur Benjamin’s book Secrets of Mental Math.  If you want to start doing addition very quickly in your head instead of working it out on paper here are two important tips. One of them is usually taught in school arithmetic. The other isn’t for some reason. I, along with some math professors, think that math education should strive for much more than the ability to show work by writing it out. Here’s the secret many school teachers don’t share. Just add from left to right. As Dr. Benjamin mentions in Secrets “most of us are taught to do math on paper from right to left.” I suspect our typical in-school math training stops there intentionally to discourage mental math. Teachers feel they need something written to evaluate. Students … Read on

To Presume A Man’s Innocence is Racism Argues Huffington Post

In reporting that fundraisers for beleaguered officer Darren Wilson opted to disable comments on their site the Huffington Post chose to highlight how purely evil and racist it is to disagree with editorial positions of the Huffington Post.  I do not doubt that there were enough disruptive comments, mostly from 4chan trolls, that the fund raising group wisely turned off chat comments in order to focus on its more pressing goals. But here is what the Huffington Post points to as the voice of evil in our time. This is  what they term “a barrage of tremendously racist comments:” “[Michael Brown was ] a common street thug” This is an aspersion cast at one man, not his race. And it is arguably accurate. This is not racist. “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” This is not racist. And it’s apt commentary. “I know a lynch mob when I see one. They have … Read on

Watching the Watchers: Thoughts on the Rialto Experiment


An experiment in Rialto, CA concluded that having police officers wear video cameras on patrol impacts the rate at which public contacts resulted in use of force. And now this pronouncement is circulating on Facebook. The Rialto experiment is a good start but the Facebook post does over state things. Firstly, Rialto PD has not announced a forcewide policy of body mounted cameras. For purposes of the experiment officers carried cameras on roughly half of all shifts. Below I’ll mention a another problem with the study’s conclusions although overall I think Chief Farrar et al are on to something. And the subject definitely merits more attention. Post by Our Time. The cameras did  have a measurable impact on use of force. The impact on complaints was less conclusive but still noteworthy. The reason it’s hard to assess the latter  is that formal complaints were rare to begin with. The researchers say that during the experiment there were too … Read on

Pivotal Process is the Best Way to Do Agile

Pivotal Process is the Best Way to Do Agile

One reason Pivotal’s scrum like process with Pivotal Tracker is my go to project tool is that any coder, customer, or project manager can learn to dive in and use it in less than ten minutes. And if you can’t give 10 minutes per person per project to synchronizing your approach then I probably can’t help you.

Cordies Are a Great Way to Command Desktop Cable Chaos

Cordies Are a Great Way to Command Desktop Cable Chaos

Cordies maintain order among the cables and wires strewn about your desk by holding them snugly and weighting them down. This keeps you from accidentally tangling or disconnecting chargers, headphones, mics, drives, and everything else. They’re tiny, unobtrusive, and indispensable. Each one’s got  five gripping fingers so it can accommodate four cords. I use a dozen or so.  The space Cordies help me reclaim on my desk for a few bucks is at least equal to buying a much bigger desk. But I also love the story of Cordies one in which I have bit role. Cordies was created by people just like you. Those who use technology every day and have ideas about what sucks and what would really be cool. A couple of years ago Cordies’ principal inventor, lawyer Steven Stewart, had been keeping his laptop cord under his other gadgets to keep it from falling all over the place. Dissatisfied with his ad hoc solution, he … Read on

Before We First Met

A few weeks before I met the amazing girl who is now my lover, spouse, pet, most treasured possession, and best friend I made this (admittedly idealized) picture of us together.

Before We First Met

Before We First Met

It’s been secreted away on my other profiles since then. During a chance encounter with a fellow writer the matter of crafting or prognosticating one’s future through art came up.

This was my one example. I decided to post it publicly so she could see what I was rambling about. Now you can too. Voila.

How to Count Cards in Blackjack: The Easiest Method

Card counting has an undeserved reputation as a complex task that requires some sort of mathematical genius. Actually, as the term counting implies, the most complicated math operations involved are addition and subtraction of 1. The more important skills—and the more difficult to master in actual casino conditions—are observation and memory. But in general if you can count then you can count cards. This is how it works. Most of the time the deck neither favors you nor the dealer by much. Solid blackjack strategies are based on the probabilities of the entire deck. The secret of card counting is recognizing when the deck happens to strongly favor you and disfavor the dealer. Such moments are an excellent time to  increase your bet. To do this you do not have to know every card remaining in the shoe. Just keep track of two of the most important cards in the game: … Read on